CFW Weekly Update for September 29, 2019


Lots of great stuff happening at the gym this month:

  • Move for Mental Illness Awareness Week October 7 – 11
  • Save the date!  the Open starts October 10th, you’ll have the opportunity to do the Open workout during any of the CrossFit classes on each Friday of the Open, as well as Sundays, as part of our make-up day. We’ll make sure that have various Level Method modifications for any fitness level, so we hope to see you there!
  • Please note that the Fall Class Schedule starts this Tuesday, October 1st, make sure to check Zen Planner and book your classes accordingly.



This week we have Deadlifts on Monday, Push Jerks on Wednesday, and Pullups on Friday. 

Monday we have Deadlifts and a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Musical PVC Pipes followed by Core activation.  Deadlifts are Building to a Heavy 3 Reps.  Prep is TtB Review and Practice.   Workout is descending reps of Deadlift and TtB.  Extra Credit is Forearm & Hip Mobility.                           

Tuesday is Heavy Breathing/Breathe & Burn Intervals.  Warmup is Rotational Core work and Shuttle runs.  Prep is Movement Review and Practice.   Workout is 50s on/10s off rotating between Four Stations.  Extra Credit is Scap Accessory Work and Calf Mobility.                     

Wednesday it’s Push Jerks and a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Overhead Press Prep.  Push Jerk is Build to a Set of 5.  Prep is Movement Review.   Workout is a 10 min AMRAP of Box Jumps, Push Press, and Burpee over Bar.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing.                     

Thursday will be a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Toss Your Lunch and then Squat Prep.  Prep is Movement Review.   Workout is 5 Rounds of Front Squats, Running, Wallballs, & Abmat Situps.  Extra Credit is Glute and Arm Accessory.                     

Friday is Pullups and a Full Body Burn Workout.  Warmup is Overhead Mobility and Scap Prep.  Pullups is Build to a Heavy Set of 3.  Prep is Power Clean & CTB Pullup Review.   Workout is 6 Rounds of Power Cleans and CTB Pullups with a 1:00 rest in between Rounds.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing and Mobility.                     

  Saturday is a Partner Workout.  Warmup is Rolfing and OH Squat Prep.  Prep is OH Squat & HSPU Review.   Workout is in Partners for 30 min starting with a Row Buy-in then AMRAP OH Squats, Box Jumps, and HSPU.  Extra Credit is Knee & Hip Prehab.         


Monday –  HIIT; Squat hop pull ups, Bike / row, 2 squats + 2 push ups, KB Swing to goblet squat, Ab mat sit ups, Crunches, Bicycles, Leg lifts, Flutter kicks

Tuesday –  Vegas Strong Workout; DB Snatches, Run, Rope Climb, DB Thrusters, Synchronized Burpees

Wednesday –  Running / Cardio; Run, KB Deadlifts, BB Glute Bridge

Thursday – Bro Camp; Bicycle, Banded Sit up, Bicep curl, Bent over row, Bench press, Shoulder press, Forward raise, Lateral raise

Friday –  Full Body Cardio; Jump ropes, Burpees, Row, Man makers, Cal AAB, Candlestick get-ups