CrossFit Winnipeg is pleased to announce the attendance of Crik Nutrition at FrostFit 2017!

Alex Drysdale is bringing protein powders to a whole new level and there is no protein powder on the market that can compare to his stuff. But, why is that?

Alex has come up with a protein blend made of crickets. Yes, you heard me correct! Crickets may sound yucky, but I can guarantee they are the nextbig shift in protein powders on the market, as the benefits cannot be matched. Alex has developed the perfect blend with an abundance of positives effects for us & the environment. Crik Nutrition tastes fabulous, is extremely nutritious & sustainable.

Alex has a great website with a ton of information. He has also been on Ted where is also explains that the idea of eating crickets really isn’t as bad as we may want to think.

Crik Nutrition will be on site, January 14 & 15, not only selling their product but providing sampling of their protein, this way you can try it out & make the decision for yourself.