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2017 Fuel for Fall Wrap-Up

How many of you have done a fitness or nutrition challenge, only to go back to your old habits once it was over? When planning this year’s Fuel for Fall, I wanted to avoid this. I approached this year’s challenge with the main goal of helping people create positive long-term changes when it comes to food and lifestyle.

Instead of viewing it as a challenge where you “go hard” (whatever that means to you) for six weeks then burn out, I wanted participants to view it as a kick-off to learning more about their eating habits and ways to make positive, lasting changes.

Instead of restricting what we could and could not eat, we took a big picture look at the impact of what we put into our bodies and ways to change for the better.

I am really proud of everyone, so it’s hard to separate out the winners. But here they are:

Male Winner Based on Fat Loss: Lionel
Female Winner Based on Fat Loss: Michelle

Lionel and Michelle are no strangers to our healthy eating challenges. Lionel lost a total of 15.18% of his total body fat and Michelle lost a total of 14.62% of her total body fat. Congratulations Michelle and Lionel!

Most Improved Benchmark: Marilyn

Marilyn was our youngest participant, but she is no stranger to CrossFit. She started at CFW when she was 14 years old and she is now almost 17! She had the greatest improvement in her performance benchmark. Congratulations Marilyn!

Outstanding Achievement: Jane

Lastly, but surely not least, I wanted to recognize Jane. Jane came in second place losing 11.14% of her total body fat. Not only did she lose body fat, but she was able to put on muscle mass AND lose weight! This is basically the trifecta of anyone who joins CrossFit!

For those of you who don’t know, Jane is Lianne’s mom. In speaking with Lianne, I could tell what a profound impact working out and eating better has done for Jane. Lianne had this to say about her mom:

“Jane started CrossFit at age 60, which is not an easy thing to do. She wanted to strengthen her legs and hips and wanted to be active to keep up with her three grandchildren. She started out doing personal training with Coach Megan and then signed up for the Masters Class. Her progress in the past 5 months has been amazing – she can hang from the bar and do leg raises, sit in a full squat and lunge to the floor. Her CrossFit masters class has become the best part of her day!”

Congratulations Jane!

One other great thing about the 2017 Fuel for Fall was that participants were measured with our new InBody scanner. The InBody removed the possibility of human-error in the measurements, which gave a more accurate measure of change from the initial to the later scan.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Fuel for Fall challenge. I hope you learned something you can take with you beyond the few weeks that we were together.

– Coach Anna


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