Health, Fitness & Performance:
A. 3 sets:
Barbell Good Morning 10-12 reps @30X1
Barbell rollout 10-12 reps
B. 22 minutes of work for technique not for time:
10 KB snatch left
1 gym length OH KB walking lunge left
20 KB pullover situps
10 KB snatch right
1 gym length OH walking lunge right
20 goblet squats

Coach’s Tips

We continue with our lower intensity skill and structural balance work this week.  Part A is a good morning and rollout combo.  I suspect there will be barbells all over the gym on Thursday, which is great!  Err on the light side for the good mornings and although there is such a thing as rounded back good mornings, we will focus on straight back, almost straight legged good morning, which will bias hamstrings a big more.  Experiment with stance to see what works for you.  Only go as low as hamstrings will allow.  Follow that up with barbell rollouts, which will be on the knees for most of us.  If your lower back doesn’t like these, it means that you  need to engage abs and butt a bit more as you roll out or reduce the range of motion until your core gets stronger.  For part B, work on perfecting technique and keeping the pace steady.  Start with snatches then keep the kettlebell overhead after your last snatch as you do walking lunges across the length of the gym.  Then do your situps, then do the other side for snatches and lunges and finish with goblet squats.  This is one round, see how much you can get done over the course of the class. You can adjust the kettlebell weight as needed, but use the following guidelines and aim to hit the following weights at some point during your workout.  Rx = 35/25lbs and Rx+ = 55/35lbs.